We understand the influence of celebrity power and popular culture in today’s society.

Sterling has worked with a range of arts, culture and entertainment projects from film launches to theatre openings, cultural festivals to literature awards, to celebrity management and TV launches, with the core aim being to reach, engage and influence their core target audience through the development of effective communication programmes. We handle 360 degree communication strategies to help brands in the sector to communicate their story to an ever expanding audience through our multi-layered media and marketing strategies. Sterling is also recognised as being one of the pioneers in promoting the Indian film industry in the West.

Expertise Services

  • Competitions & Promotions
  • Collateral Development including White Papers
  • PR strategy and press office
  • Sponsorship activation & amplification
  • VIP, Celebrity & Influencer Endorsements
  • Corporate Profiling for Entertainment Brands
  • Event Ideation & Management
  • Global PR Hub, Workshops & Media Training