Client: Sun Global Investments   |   Project: Spearheading Financial Innovation   |   Expertise: Corporate We have successfully [...]

Client: Nosh Detox   |   Project: Ongoing Brand Building   |   Expertise: Consumer, Luxury We manage Nosh Detox’s [...]

Client: Project Everyone   |   Project: Breaking the Internet for Social Good   |   Expertise: Charity, International, [...]

Client: Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition   |   Project: Driving a New Revolution in Open Data to End Hunger   |   [...]

Client: Jamie Oliver Food Foundation   |   Project: Launch of Food Revolution Day in India and Africa   |   Expertise: Charity, [...]

Client: The Royal Park Hotel   |   Project: Launching an exclusive venue steeped in iconism and heritage   |   [...]

Client: Sister Sledge   |   Project: Re-launching an Iconic Music Sensation   |   Expertise: Charity, International, [...]

Client: Project Everyone   |   Project: Launching the UN's Global Goals to end Global Poverty by 2030   |   [...]

Client: Aston Martin   |   Project: Launching a Quintessentially British Brand Internationally   |   [...]

Client: Harrods   |   Project: International Brand Awareness   |   Expertise: Luxury Sterling manages Harrods’ international [...]

Client: Powerboat P1   |   Project: P1 SuperStock Championship International Launches   |   Expertise: Sports We helped launch a [...]

Client: Battersea Dogs & Cats Home   |   Project: Devising a Memorable Launch Campaign for an Event to ensure it has Legacy   [...]

Client: International Indian Film Academy Weekend & Awards, Yorkshire   |   Project: Global Campaign to Generating £40mn+ media [...]

Client: Wilde Salome   |   Project: Multi-Media Screening at BFI London   |   Expertise: Entertainment We managed the end to [...]