Our Services

Our campaigns cover end-to-end publicity, digital marketing, events, marketing, and influencer engagement across a number of areas of expertise.

Festival Trade Related Marketing & Publicity

Sterling has managed the international trade and consumer festival marketing activities for a range of film projects at major festivals such as in London, Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Toronto. We cover corporate announcements, premieres, producing festival collateral, trade marketing for producers, distributors and sales agents, booking advertising campaigns, to creating initial buzz through a headline grabbing party or stunt.


Sterling has managed the profile for several majors and mini-major motion picture companies including C-Suite thought-leadership strategies, as part of a corporate communication and investor relations brief. We have established the profile of senior board members, released financial news to key sector media as part of an investor relations strategy, organised a conference to announce a new project to media and stakeholders, and provided overall strategic counsel for corporate positioning.

End to End Publicity and Marketing for Film Projects

Sterling has managed full scale marketing, publicity, event and sponsorship campaigns for film award ceremonies, headline grabbing parties, red carpet premieres, film releases and press conferences. We work with a range of films at every juncture, from pre-production to theatrical to home entertainment in all major markets. With our national, India, international and Multi-Ethnic media and partner relations, we are uniquely positioned when it comes to devising and launching marketing and publicity strategies for films. We adopt a multi-layered marketing strategy to cover a wide range of services from:

• the complete management of a film release in any major market
• organising national press shows
• planning international tours
• launching a social media strategy
• devising a marketing campaign covering above and the below the line actives
• planning a robust advertising campaign
• preparation of all film toolkits and EPKs
• home entertainment promotion
• driving brand partnerships and synergies to fund tours and premieres talent management
• in cinema marketing

Line Production

In line with client budges and briefs, our line production services covers all aspects including arranging above and below the line technical and creative crews spanning production and lighting designers, editors, cinematographers, make-up and hair artists, costume designers, organizing talented extras and cast across all briefs, travel, boarding and lodging options, catering, production equipment, security to ensuring all necessary insurances are in place.


We specialise in the acquisition and distribution of film and wider entertainment content internationally expanding to theatrical, TV licensing to home entertainment platforms including online streaming. We work collaboratively we producers to ensure their productions achieve the best opportunity possible for success in international markets, from auditing the markets based on comparable distribution and marketing strategies, managing cinema bookings, ensuring all trade marketing activities are in place, coordinating censorship, managing all invoices and budgets.

Talent Representation

As Image Consultants, Sterling Media are the international publicists for notable personalities from film stars, music artists and authors, to distribution and production companies. We work with talent on an ongoing basis or around specific projects. We identify the positioning of a star to define their brand persona before catapulting them on to a world stage, creating the connect between them and their fans. Sterling also pre-address issues, which may affect our client’s public profile. We have developed incisive communication strategies to increase fan following on social media platforms to generating stand out media coverage.

Events & Experiential

Events are a crucial media tool, whether they stand alone or are part of a bigger marketing plan. We provide a one-stop solution for film related events with the aim of creating a memorable experience for audiences and to amplify the PR and marketing campaign. Our in house events services include production, guest list management, event theming and content, entertainment, talent and celebrity booking, after-party arrangements, red carpet media management, catering and hospitality, ensuring regulatory procedure are in place, security, transport, and end-to-end management. Furthermore, we excel in event effectiveness strategies to ensure our clients’ objectives are met beyond event exposure.

International Junkets and Tours

We support in sourcing sponsorship to fund international tours and junkets to managing the entire schedule. We cover media rounds and junkets, managing all talent grooming requirements, preparation of briefing packs and talent footprints, ensuring all flight, accommodation and transport requirements are in place, designating talent managers and crews, arranging in-studio interviews for talent, coordinating and overseeing photo shoots and managing all press conference and premiere requirements.

Social Media Strategies

Our campaigns are a synchronized mix of both on and offline activities, providing greater outreach than traditional offline campaigns. Through social media optimisation, our focus is not only retention and acquisition but also measurability. We cover a range of online solutions such as seeding conversations in the blogosphere, planning exclusives with online film influencers, daily social media content generation, launching social media handles bespoke to international markets, media planning. We pay close attention to the conversations shaping opinion.


We have effectively tapped our rolodex of established brands, talent and wider relationships to add value to entertainment projects. Through evaluation and insight we have brokered financial and intangible partnership agreements, activated IPs and provided general consultancy to help clients gain more bang for their buck.