International Wrestlers Return To Pakistan To #FightForPeace at Ring Of Pakistan Season 2K18 – Sterling Media

Ring of Pakistan Season 2k18

International Wrestlers Return To Pakistan To #FightForPeace at Ring Of Pakistan Season 2K18 – Sterling Media

  • Ring of Pakistan Season 2k18 announced after success of first ever International Wrestling Tournament in Pakistan.
  • Over 20 International Wrestlers from around the world expected to be in attendance including Tiny Iron, Cyanide, Tango Tim Wylie and former WWE superstars Chris Masters and Tom La Ruffa, with American Performing Artist Jonny Loquato to host event.
  • Ring of Pakistan Season 2k18 is envisioned as a symbol of community cohesion and promotes peace and harmony through sport.
  • Following the success of Pakistan’s first International wrestling event across three cities, Pakistan’s official professional Wrestling promoters, the Ring of Pakistan has announced the launch of Ring of Pakistan Season 2k18. Founded with the aim of promoting professional wrestling in Pakistan and using the sport as an accelerator for encouraging peace, Ring of Pakistan represents an international-level platform for wrestling fans and athletes alike.The recently founded Ring of Pakistan’s multi-fold vision is to promote professional wrestling in Pakistan, to provide a platform to local athletes and enhance the international image and reputation of Pakistan through a sports-led brand strategy. Where there was previously no formal body to promote wrestling in Pakistan, Ring of Pakistan has achieved success, recognised by the Pakistan Sports Board and working in accordance with international standards to launch Pakistan’s first professional wrestling event.

    Last year’s inaugural wrestling event saw more than 20 international wrestlers come to Pakistan, including the likes of famous professional names including former WWE superstars Wade Barrett, and Carlito. This year Ring of Pakistan Season 2k18 is bigger and better, taking place at two shows over the course of a week in December, with even more international wrestlers taking part. The first show takes place at the KMC Sports Complex, Karachi on the 7th December, whilst the second show takes place in Alhamra Cultural Complex, Gaddafi, Lahore on the 9th December. Ring of Pakistan Season 2k18 will be the biggest sports entertainment event to be held in the history of Pakistan. The event will be hosted by American performing artist Jonny Loquato, who will also act as ring broadcaster and observer.

    Professional Wrestling is the most watched sport around the world, and has a sizable Pakistani audience, despite being a ‘western’ sport. Wrestling has a bigger social media presence in the country than any other sport, beating even Cricket. In addition, sports play a vital role in individuals’ social development, and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This is why in addition to establishing a strong official platform for wrestling and reforming the sport industry in Pakistan, Ring of Pakistan’s brand strategy is to use professional wrestling as a means of highlighting modern Pakistan’s status as a peaceful and sports loving nation to the rest of the world.

    The event is a symbol of community cohesion and promotes peace and harmony within the country through sport. With opportunities and entertainment for young people lacking within Pakistan, particularly within deprived areas such as the tribal belt, they have previously been vulnerable to exploitation and radicalisation.

    By holding a truly international event in the country for a hugely popular sport like wrestling, Ring of Pakistan has been able to give confidence to young people and a sense of inclusion. Furthermore, Ring of Pakistan’s ultimate aim to work with schools to inspire local youth will help to create the next generation of athletes and secure Pakistan’s status abroad as a sporting nation.

    Speaking about the Ring of PakistanImran Shah, Director said “We are very excited about the Ring of Pakistan hosting another international wrestling event this December. After the success of our inaugural event, it is clear that there is a huge appetite for professional wrestling within Pakistan, and we look forward to expanding this platform even further with an event that is even bigger and better than the first.

     As the most watched live sport in the world, we believe that professional wrestling is a uniquely powerful sport that can help to bring the nation together, and project the image of a sports-loving Pakistan around the world.”

    For further information on Ring of Pakistan and their wrestling-led brand strategy for Pakistan visit:


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