Harrods Unveils Superbrands

Harrods Unveils Superbrands

To showcase the most seasoned and luxurious international brands including Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior, Harrods is delighted to announce the completion of Superbrands, a new luxury department dedicated to outstanding international brands.

For over 160 years, Harrods has been a destination for stand-out collections, presenting customers with the most exclusive pieces from luxury brands around the world. Leading designers have showcased their collections in Harrods, in a world-famous womenswear department that has continued to change and evolve over the years. To continue the Harrods legacy of luxury and innovation, Superbrands has now opened with the finest selection of womenswear and accessories.

Designed by Make Architects, this elegant and contemporary space stands apart from the rest of the renowned Harrods building, also known as the “Terracotta Palace”. In the stunning surroundings of marble walls, columns and floors, customers will find 17 exceptional boutiques, each with its own distinct décor. The interiors are beautifully designed, custom-made to suit the look and feel of the individual brands. Brands like Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Ralph & Russo display their most exclusive pieces in colourful and imaginative ways, showcasing them in their windows.

Harrods Fashion Director of Womenswear, Accessories, Fine Jewellery and Childrenswear, Helen David, comments, “We are absolutely delighted to launch Superbrands; this unrivalled space houses the World’s most revered brands and is dedicated to the very best in luxury Womenswear and Accessories. This magical space has allowed us to expand each of the brands’ product offerings and create ‘world of’ shops within Harrods, allowing our customers an unrivalled luxury experience within their favourite brands. This new area further demonstrates our commitment to bringing our customers the ultimate shopping experience housing brands’ finest creations.”

As guests walk along the corridors, they will find a range of boutiques that are truly exceptional, not only in their selection of products but also in their inspired design. For those who enjoy the art and expertise that goes into making such beautiful and timeless pieces, Superbrands is a sensational place to see these pieces in all their splendour.


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